The Law Offices of Phil Sudan advises  clients on a wide range of commercial and financial transactions  with a significant emphasis on business, corporate finance and  tax matters.  We are actively involved in providing  solutions to clients’ legal needs.  The types of solutions  and their application are as varied as the clients which we are serving and their needs.  For example, to purchase or sell a business combines corporate law, securities law, tax law,  intellectual property law, finance law, together with specific  due diligence procedures.  To raise capital for a business requires corporate law, securities law, and tax law.  To attract and retain employees, our services could entail the  preparation of employment agreements, compensation packages, including deferred compensation and incentive stock options, and shareholder agreements.

We provide practical solutions to our  clients’ business problems. Our technology and industry focus allows us to become our clients’ strategic partner. We pride ourselves on gaining a far greater understanding of our clients’  technologies, industry environment and business needs than is typically expected from lawyers. After a quarter century of  working with companies that create new technologies and markets, crafting innovative solutions to cutting-edge business problems  has become our stock in trade.

We are frequently involved in assisting  clients in structuring business transactions and in drafting and  negotiating a wide variety of documents, including contracts for the acquisition or disposition of business entities, private  placement and public offering of securities or debt instruments,  partnership and joint venture agreements, restructuring work-out transactions, commercial contracts, incorporation documentation, employment and incentive compensation contracts, and reports and other disclosure documents required by the various state  corporate and securities laws and federal securities  laws.

Currently, we represent clients with U.S. and international  operations, advising them on a wide range of commercial and financial transactions with a significant emphasis on  international business, corporate finance and complex tax  planning for businesses operating in multinational  jurisdictions.  Our practice includes mergers and acquisitions, corporate securities, corporate finance, venture capital, tax, as well as the protection, development and exploitation of intellectual property.  We have extensive  experience helping multinational clients develop and implement  transfer pricing strategies that support their overall  international tax plan, while complying with the often complex transfer pricing rules of different  jurisdictions.

We have managed many international joint ventures and related  marketing, distribution, licensing and technology transfer  issues. Typically, the transactions contemplate manufacturing or  development abroad with local management, based on technology, know-how, management and other tangible and intangible assets  being provided from the United States. Our work has included  ventures in countries throughout Europe, North and South America, the Middle East as well as Asia.  We have also  represented numerous foreign concerns seeking to participate in  U.S. ventures.